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Who Qualifies for the Glover's Heroes Commission Discount?


  • Teachers (Active/Retired)

  • Nurses (Active/Retired)

  • Police Officers (Active/Retired)

  • Firefighters (Active/Retired)

  • Emergency Technicians (Active/Retired)

  • Military/Army (Active/Retired)

  • Employed Caregivers (Active/Retired)

Glover's Heroes identifies the above as "Heroes" that are eligible for discounted Realtor commission and may be nominated for a needed home repair. Heroes may be active or retired to qualify for the discount. Hero must work with a Glover Agency Realtor in order to receive the commission discount. Employment Identification may be requested to verify Hero status.

When a Hero buys or sells a home with Glover Agency, 25% of the Realtor's commission dollars are donated. The Hero receives 20% of the donation and the remaining 5% is donated to Glover's Heroes, where multiple Heroes' lives are dramatically improved each year with funds raised.

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